EMISSION MONITORING SERVICE, INC. (EMSI)'s analytical department can supply you with the research you need. We have the ability to cover all aspects of regulatory driven sampling and can provide highly trained/certified personnel, procedures, and equipment necessary. We have the ability to TRAIN, SAMPLE, and SUPPLY analysis on many chemical processes ranging from railcar sampling to HRVOC and Green House Gas sampling.

  • Custom Reporting
  • Gap Analysis
  • Transparent
  • Trained personnel to sample cooling tower water for HRVOC, HAP and PM10 analysis
  • DOT certified personnel to use Flame Ionization Detectors and Infrared cameras
  • Flare sampling personnel with method 18 and ASTM analysis
  • Trained Personnel to sample natural gas well heads for gas speciation as the natural gas enters the pipeline

 These are just a few specific services we offer in our analytical department. EMSI will always accomodate your needs and eliminate the questions from analytical compliance.