Emission Monitoring Services, Inc. (EMSI) provides Leak Detection and Repair Services which were placed by the EPA because of the amount of volatile organic compounds and volatile hazardous air pollutants being emitted by equipment leaks.

About EMSI

Emission Monitoring Service, Inc believes in environmental consciousness, customer service, commitment, persistence, and collaboration. They assist their clients with environmental compliance and alleviate some stress typically associated with it.

What is Leak Detection and Repair Services (LDAR Services)?

LDAR Services helps clients discover leaking equipment which can be a significant source of emissions of volatile organic compounds and volatile hazardous pollutants.

LDAR is a work practice designed to identify leaking equipment, repair and monitor them so that dangerous emissions can be reduced, if not stopped entirely. This practice must be done at regular intervals for this service to be useful.

EMSI will help you locate and repair the component which is leaking including valves, pumps, connectors, compressors, and agitators. This is to help you minimize any unwanted emissions.

The EPA performs audits and pursues enforcement actions to verify minimal emissions.

EMSI’s LDAR Program

EMSI offers an effective LDAR program. EPA Compliance is required, and we can help you create and implement a process to locate and repair leaks.

We serve small and large facilities with our LDAR program. EMSI helps organizations be confident they will be prepared to pass the next inspection.

EMSI offers:

  • LDAR Program Creation
  • Training
  • LDAR Program Updates As Needed
  • Examinations
  • Recording Support
  • Reporting Assistance
  • LDAR Program Evaluations
  • Compliance assessments
EMSI follows the EPA instituted regulations and compliance programs, so the expert technicians adhere to the correct procedures and monitoring techniques such as Method 21. EMSI provides trustworthy full- service compliance.

Leak detection repairs services were started up by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to check the hazards constituted by working with and being close to heavy and dangerous substances at home or in the industry.

Leak detection repairs services are required by many federal agencies which include, New Source Performance Standard (NSPS), National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP), State Implementation Plans (SIPs).

LDAR is vital in protecting the environmental and human health from the adverse effects of lead. Lead is a chemical substance, a heavy metal that is denser than most materials. Lead occurs naturally in the earth crust and can as well be synthesized artificially. In the late 19th century, lead’s toxicity was recognized, and its use has been phased out of many applications.

LDAR services reduces and manages the risks and dangers associated with lead.