Emission Monitoring Services, Inc. (EMSI) provides Optical Imaging Camera Service which replaces faith with full-service compliance you can trust. 

About EMSI

EMSI offers compliance management without the headaches. We have been helping our clients meet regulations since 1986. 

What is Optical Imaging Camera Service?

The optical imaging camera service allows viewing of a large section of equipment rapidly as well as the ability to view locations from a safe distance that are challenging to reach. 
EMSI uses optical gas imaging that can detect numerous industrial gas leaks in units and areas where a leak wouldn’t be recognized with a hand-held detector. The optical gas imaging camera can be 50 feet away and still be able to quickly and accurately detect these invisible leaks. 

EMSI provides optical imaging camera services as a useful technique that enhances inspection accuracy. This allows a technician to swiftly identify and precisely locate the source of a potential problem, issue, equipment failure or regulatory non-compliance.  The Optical Imaging Camera Service provides the ability to conduct inspections where it is not ordinarily accessible. 

EMSI uses the camera to comply with greenhouse gas and quad 0.8 regulations. While we provide compliance, we offer even more with peace of mind. Locating a leak before it is apparent is practicing environmental consciousness, accountability, perseverance, and safety. Finding a leak first can save time, money, and the environment. 

There are many situations and causes for shutting down, including natural disasters. Optical Imaging Camera Service is essential for both pre and post turnaround unit shutdowns. EMSI designs a program that fits your needs and is customized to your unique specifications. 

Optical Imaging Camera Service allows you to discover anything that is happening while maximizing safety. Using this service provides a way to have an inspection completed on inaccessible components on a routine basis.

EMSI technicians are experienced and certified internally as well as through the manufacturers’ certification program.