“People First, Safety Always”

Management Safety Philosophy

Management Philosophy Statement

Perfection is a journey, not a destination. When striving for excellence there will be setbacks along the way. While we firmly believe that all incidents are preventable, we also believe that not all incidents are predictable. It is that mindset that allows EMSI to promote a safety culture that focuses on recoverability as much as prevention. We will approach each incident as a learning experience to better prepare for the future. We will constantly and consistently seek ways to improve and provide our employees with the best tools and methods available. We understand that failures will occur. We will do our best to ensure that when we do fail, we will fail safely.

EMSI’s Vision

At EMSI we believe that our employees going home at the end of the day in the same condition they arrived is not good enough. Our vision is to create a culture in which our employees go home in better condition than when they arrived. This can only be achieved through continued education, strong leadership, positive communication and a constant focus on putting “People First, Safety Always”.


The success of our safety program cannot be measured by the lack of incidents but rather the involvement of our employees. We believe that safety is the responsibility of each employee and that our employees are our best safety resource. Simply put, each individual employee must be accountable to themselves and their loved ones and take responsibility for their own safety.

Corporate Leadership Team Safety Commitments

“Employees learn by example and I commit to practicing good safety habits both on and off the job. As a leader in our organization, I hold the ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of our employees in all aspects of our business. I commit to being more visible to our employees by participating in field safety walkthroughs each quarter of the year, and fully supporting and echoing the actions of the EMSI Safety Team.”
Paul Phillips, EMSI President

“I will work to raise and ensure safety awareness within my team and across the company by committing to begin every meeting with a safety moment.”
Matthew Gobert, Vice President of Business Development

“The Compliance Team has always been closely aligned with the directives of Safety. We commit to following safety initiatives and ensuring that all the people that we audit are following our safety initiatives through the “Meet and Greet Audits” by asking questions to the employees that demonstrate they are placing safety at the top of every job. We document these responses in our EHS Insight program. We commit to stopping any action that we see while out in the field with our employees to ensure that no unsafe acts continue that we could stop.”
Brian Whitley, Vice President of Compliance

“I commit to make errors on the side of approving too many safety expenditures rather than approving too few safety expenditures.”
Israel Askew, Chief Financial Officer

“I will work with corporate office support staff to ensure that all staff members are educated and aware of how to avoid pinch point and dropped items injuries. In addition, assist with all signage for all sites to ensure we provide them to site management timely.”
Shawnica Pollard, Executive Director of Organizational Development

“I believe that transparency is the cornerstone of trust and without trust, we cannot grow. I commit to visibility, accessibility and transparency with all employees to foster trust and build our safety culture. My goal is to set the standard for ‘People First, Safety Always’”
Daniel Boreman, Director of Risk Management