We Put Safety First!

Safe Man hours AND Counting!

EMSI employees achieve the highest safety goals through training, education, and commitment. From permitting and Emergency Preparedness to Fall Protection and PPE, our employees are well prepared for the hazards of the industrial environment.

When safety becomes culture, it ceases to be a step in a process but rather becomes the process itself. EMSI views safety as an umbrella, it is over all we do from beginning to end and top to bottom. Just like an umbrella will shield from the elements, EMSI believes a strong safety culture will prevent incidents and ensure continued success. HBR Safety Excellence Award Nominee and Bronze Award recipient 3 years in a row, EMSI will strive to continually exceed our clients’ safety expectations.


While it is always the goal of the EMSI Safety Department and Management that productive conversation and education always be the first attempt at correcting a safety issue, there are some safety violations that cannot and will not be tolerated by Emission Monitoring Service, Inc. The EMSI Safety Department has defined these as “Safety Absolutes”.

Safety absolutes, also known as “life critical” rules, define directives that have the potential to result in severe injury or loss of life if not followed either willingly or accidentally. These safety absolutes are viewed as the basic, yet most important of the lifesaving rules.

  • Fall Protection: Intentional or reckless violation of EMSI Fall Protection Policy.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Intentional or reckless violation of the EMSI PPE Policy.
  • Drug and Alcohol Use: Violation of EMSI’s Drug and Alcohol Policy.
  • Vehicle Use: Intentional or reckless violation of EMSI Vehicle Operation Policy.
  • Incident Reporting: Intentional or reckless violation of the EMSI Incident Reporting Procedure
  • Job Hazard Analysis: Intentionally performing work without a documented pre-task analysis.
  • Personal Safety: Intentionally or recklessly placing yourself or others in an IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life & Health) situation or atmosphere.


Every EMSI employee, regardless of position or length of employment is tasked with the responsibility and granted the authority to stop work immediately in the event of an unsafe act, condition or behavior. Any form of retribution or intimidation directed at any employee for exercising their authority as outlined in the EMSI Stop Work Authority Program will not be tolerated. Work will not be permitted to resume until the unsafe act, condition or behavior has been corrected.


The EMSI Safety Department not only values your input… we depend on it! Please send questions, suggestions, concerns, etc. to SAFETY@emsi-air.com

View our Safety Commitment Form here.

“People First, Safety Always”