What We Do

Emission Monitoring Service, Inc. (EMSI) was developed to assist companies in meeting the environmental regulations of both state and federal agencies. Our passion for excellence shows through our work, employees and the satisfaction of our clients. EMSI has designed and implemented programs that are adaptable to meet the needs of our clients' maintenance, operations and environmental departments, both domestically and internationally. We design a specialized program that works specifically for your company!

EMSI has a rock-solid working relationship with some of the biggest names in the industry and are confident that we can build a system to meet your company's needs, regardless of size and complexity.

Our diversified programs allow clients to reap the benefits of:


  • Accountability
  • Credibility
  • Reliability
  • Standardization in procedure

We Put Safety First

With 472,709 safe man hours worked, EMSI holds the highest regard for safety! EMSI employees achieve the highest safety goals through training, education, and commitment. Each employee is trained in every aspect of safety for his/her job. From permitting and Emergency Preparedness to Fall Protection and PPE, EMSI employees are well prepared for the hazards of the industrial environment.

Mission Statement

“EMSI was founded upon the core principles of environmental consciousness, customer service, accountability, perseverance, and team work; offering you a partnership that will change the way you think about environmental compliance. Replacing faith with full service compliance you can trust.”