Emission Monitoring Services, Inc. (EMSI) offers Benzene Waste Operations NESHAP (BWON) Services. 

About EMSI

EMSI is devoted to providing each client with a cost-effective and stress-free monitoring program. We assist clients in meeting the necessary environmental regulations while creating a custom program that  works for your company. 

Our BWON Services

BWON Services help clients discover where their waste is manufactured in the system. Once identified, these locations are placed into a database so that is can be monitored and tracked.

EMSI has expert environmental technicians that can handle visual and method 21 requirements, as well as an end of line sampling while also maintaining the necessary reporting requirements. 

BWON services help every client with finding waste streams, waste management units, generation sampling, end of line sampling, intermittent waste streams, common compliance pitfalls and compliance requirements. EMSI helps with environmental consciousness while helping you stay compliant.

Why partner with EMSI?

Many in the industry find the Benzene Waste Operations NESHAP (National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants) regulations to be confusing.

With our experience, we're able to understand the complexities and accurately guide our clients through compliance. Our comprehension of environmental regulations, requirements, and understanding of the areas where flexibility is permitted, make us a reliable choice for managing BWON protocols. You'll discover our insights will help you find the right solutions. 

EMSI grasps how to alleviate BWON risk and facilitate sustainable compliance by delivering comprehensive BWON management and compliance services. Our experience and knowledge of regulations help us overcome the challenges associated with BWON and compliance. 

We can tailor and implement a BWON compliance program to meet your specific requirements.

EMSI can serve your facility in evaluating the waste streams to aid you in assessing that BWON standards are met. Our trained technicians assist you in the collection of samples from your waste streams. EMSI can help you decide your compliance options and provide assistance with control devices. The BWON standards have stringent requirements for inspections. We help your facility satisfy these inspection requirements. 

Services we provide in our extensive BWON program management include inspections, sampling, and monitoring. 

EMSI provides BWON program management and directs clients through compliance. Our team is professional, competent, and dedicated to delivering first-rate customer service. EMSI is up-to-date with the ever-shifting state and federal regulations so that your site also stays current. 

National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air-Pollutants (NESHAP)

In September 1989, the United States of America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air-Pollutants (NESHAP) of benzene. Benzene waste operations did not come to full being however until January 7, 1993.

Benzene Waste Operations: NESHAP has laid down rules and regulations that control petroleum refining, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. NESHAP guides these industries on the necessary personnel, process, handling techniques and platforms required to fulfill intercompany, federal, state and local environmental compliance laws. Safety, human and environmental safety and high-quality innovation are the bedrock of the BWON requirements. 

The primary task of BWON is to reduce benzene air emissions from waste and wastewater. Periodic inspections are necessary for all waste management units. Waste management unit categories are tanks, containers, IDS, oil-water separators, treatment processes, closed vent systems and control devices.

Recently, EPA has started using next-generation approaches during petroleum refinery BWON inspections. The focus is on field inspection of refineries BWON waste management units.