Jonathan Brockhaus is the Supervising Professional Engineer and Managing Director of Consulting Services at EMSI. He has over 13 years of experience in the environmental field that includes environmental consulting and environmental management and information systems (EMIS) implementations working with clients in the petroleum refining, oil and gas, and chemical manufacturing industries. His experience includes interfacing with both site and corporate level contacts that consists of but is not limited to, Title V permitting and compliance, Consent Decree compliance, emissions inventory submittals, TRI submittals, and regulatory applicability analyses. 

Jonathan is uniquely experienced in the development of compliance management solutions for a wide array of federal rules such as NSPS Ja, NSPS OOOOa, NSPS NNN, and MON Risk and Technology Review (RTR), Refinery Sector RTR, and Ethylene RTR Implementations. Additionally, he has significantly assisted in the implementation of successful Flare, CEMS, RICE, and Storage Vessel Compliance Programs at multiple facilities.

Jonathan's comprehensive permitting and compliance experience has allowed him to successfully conduct multiple targeted environmental audits for clients. Contact Jonathan Brockhaus.